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Our Message To Society

The idea of PLL foundation is linked with the core soul of its founder Pt. Bharat Bhushan Kaushik, from the teens he used to be surrounded with trees and natural atmosphere. But from the last many years the declining climate and global warming decay the lifestyle of natural living, vegetations are vanishing, birds are disappearing and no sign of fresh air. These things really forced him to found the PLL foundation with a message and vision of serving mother earth. We are committed to improving the environment present situation to a more better world. We are working towards environment preservation through ancient Yagya system, PLL foundation is also researching and experimenting the years old Vedic science to improve our nature. PLL foundation is also active in cow prevention. We are continuously active in society to develop a sense of tree plantation and the importance of nature and society. At the last of the message, we want to convey that every revolution is started with a single person and a single platform but it turns big only with the support of people. So, we have started the PLL foundation and now we need your support to make the impact larger than life.


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Working in Different Project to Save The Environment.


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